Nik Johnson

Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary

The most award-winning dispensary in Nevada

As the Senior graphic and motion designer for Jardin Las Vegas Premium Cannabis Dispensary, the most award-winning dispensary in Nevada, my role was to develop visually engaging content that captured the brand's essence and experience. I worked on various projects such as social media campaigns, in-store signage, and packaging design, using my skills in graphic design and motion graphics to create innovative and creative solutions. During my time at Jardin, I developed a deep understanding of their brand identity and marketing goals, leading to successful campaigns such as the "Gas" campaign that helped Jardin achieve its highest 420 sales in history. My contribution to Jardin's success as a leader in the cannabis industry was a highlight of my career, and it was an honor to work with such a talented and professional team..

Instagram Reels

The Instagram reels that I created not only performed exceptionally well but also garnered remarkable engagement, driving more traffic and attention Jardin's profile

Billboard design

My billboard designs were strategically placed and visually striking, captivating audiences throughout Las Vegas